Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hoobs Hotties

I'm so pleased and excited to work with Hoobs always but when he picked me as one of his 14 *Hotties* I was really honored!

Then when I saw the other 13 of the *Hotties* I was even more excited to be in this group!

Fabulous , sexy pornstars all!

Emmanuelle Jameson
Arwen Juneberry
Kai Baby
Krystall Pearl
Serenity Juneberry
'Cєđιєѕ Ştчles
Chloe Deimatov
Emeelee Rage
Meg Corral
Ræliʼn Raġє-Мuярђy

Seriously you can not beat this group of ladies!

Please watch his blog *Hoobs Hotties*  for more of his  fabulous work and new additions to his *Hotties*

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