Friday, July 20, 2012

Shape it Up

So, l'm looking at new shapes and decided to get some input from others. Colleen has always been an ample avatar and her Daddy has always liked her thick, but we all know it's fun to make some changes now and then and it is SL after all and we can! So tell me what you think , help me choose and be honest!

Colleen's Ample Shape

Colleen's Slim Shape

Lets show a few of each looks.

Colleen Thick

Colleen Thin

You can use the poll on the right and vote once as well as leave a comment if so desired. You have 5 days to help me decide!


  1. Hey Colleen....if it ain't broke, dont fissit! I have always adored your shape doll! I vote thick n juicy! Kissss Bri

    1. =) Thank you Bri ! You're awesome. I love colleen thick and juicy too! xoxo