Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Welcome Khalid Dubrovna, Opium Films VIP DJ

Opium Films Group is pleased to welcome Khal to Opium II as our very 1st club DJ! His tunes rocked and his fans were great fun! The sexy oozed from this group and a good time had by all!

We look forward to Khal playing for us often !

Here is what you missed !

Want to know who is at the club on Opium? Join the Opium Films Group !! What can you do there ? Hang with some of the hottest pornstars in Second Life, group join is free and the sim is awesome and full of sexy things to do for members!

Are you a DJ looking for a place to play? Shout and we will set you up. Play when you like ! You can rez and switch your stream in the OFG DJ tag.

Thank again Khal for a really fun afternoon!!

The party is here. The group joiner is at the covered bridge when you tp in. Need anything at all let me know!

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