Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pink !

I had been playing in the garden most of the day, waiting for Daddy to get home. When he did get home he said "I have gifts for my baby*. This always excites me! One because he spoils me and two because I love how his mind works!

First gift was this fabulous sexy dress, exposing one of his favorite parts of my body for him.
I put the dress on and posed to show off to him and he said "One moment my pet, that dress looks fabulous on you but it  needs something. Something pink, I think".

I love pink ! 

I love pink and girly and sexy. He loves to play with me in public, it's a huge turn on for us both.

There is something very exciting and naughty about having a little toy lodged in my ass. The fact that it was pink and had a bow made it even more fun for me. I could soon tell by the sound of his voice and the whirl of his camera shutter, he was enjoying it as much as I was. 

He snapped photo after photo , his voice deep and thick filled with desire he asked "what are you my pet, tell Daddy"

I purred softly to him , "I am Daddys naughty nasty slutty little whore".

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