Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Groups, Community and Separations

Life is tough !Sometimes, you need a helmet!

Life in the virtual. It's a wonderful thing. You can be a total ass without any repercussions. You can be the King or the Queen and sometimes you are both, you can alt up and troll all those other pixel people you claim to despise so desperately.

You can fill your profile with prolific quotes regarding *No Drama* and pretend to be part of No Hate campaigns. You can tell everyone how wonderful you are and passive and easy to get along with BUT if you do me wrong.......!!!

You can leave or be asked to leave or be booted and banned from a group that you claim to respect and admire and be friends with and in the next moment talk all over the grid to all other non drama llamas about how no one in the group has any integrity blah blah, you know that group you thought so much of 5 minutes before. The group who THOUGHT you were a friend and did nothing to you! and make those totally laughable posters in the guise of stop the hate when anyone with a brain sees it and laughs out loud at your lame attempt  at being a drama free zone.

You can trot out all your *supporters* by name UNTIL they turn on you next. You can pretend all you want that EVERYONE else is part of the problem BUT YOU! The fact of the matter is YOU are not only part of it you are creating MORE.

The butt hurt is dripping off of you here in a place called virtual reality where no one , and I mean NO ONE, unless you have met or spoke to IN THE REAL WORLD, is what they pretend to be. You can take that to the bank or your bookie because the odds are in your favor.

The beautiful thing about Second Life is you have the ability to be more grown up then you think, You can eliminate bullshit in one click, it's called the MUTE feature.  If you're that stressed out out over perceived *drama* USE IT. Walk on , drink water, breath, smile and stop doing that thing you say you don't do and can't stand!

If you really want the hate to stop the best way to make that happen is to JUST STOP. Because at this point you are no better then the person you're bitching about.

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