Thursday, August 7, 2014

Most Viewed This Week

This has been fun for me to look back at as people fav them on Flickr but this week Miss Envy Watts has kept my flickr stream pinging my inbox!

These are photos I took of her for BUSTed Spring Theme.

These are fav shots.

If you have a chance to work with Envy, do so. She is extremely easy to shoot and fun to chat with and totally happy to jump in front of the camera and let you toss her around for hours! :)

Artistically , of course.

Other photos that have been popular this week are the ones I did for Black Tulip and I am not surprised, the poses are fabulous !

AND a few older photos that caught the streams visitors eyes....

Something about colleens ....Pearls.

colleen before bewb and butt implants LOL

This has ALWAYS been one of my favs!

and hard at work :)

Thanks to everyone that visits and favs photos on my flickr, you make me smile and tingle in all the naughty places. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Rule

I've had the pleasure over the past year to meet an extremely talented designer and creator in Second Life. Black Tulip Props & poses by Auryn Beorn.

I want to share 2 of her extremely sexy poses.

My Rule 1 and 2

You can grab these currently at the TLC Poser Pavillion Event going on till the 10th!.

Thanks to Marcellas for posing with me!