Monday, November 12, 2012

Attention !! Adult Content Creators and Bloggers

The primary fashion feeds (and the is plural ) of Second Life do not want to see your prim titties, cocks, sex scenes, or statements of verbal vulgarity.

New today from Fashion Feed of SL announcements.

I am conducting a “Main Feed” review. If you cannot keep your nips covered your blog will be moved to community.  I am not keen on reviewing the feed when I get time out of my RL to see prim titties, cocks, sex scenes, or statements of verbal vulgarity.  I am far from a stoic prude but enough is enough.
The “Main Feed” is to display creative stylish fashion.  The “Community Feed” is designated as the feed for all syndicated blogs.  From time to time both myself and Carissa will review the Community feed. We will review blogs that have improved quality and content to move over to the main feed.
If you have gripe about what you are seeing feel free to contact us directly at
Thank you for your support as always,
Boot Janus

Some may recall that one of SL's top blog feeds went *PG* last month as well .

So I Heart SL Went SFW

So, I asked .....

colleen Criss says:
October 29, 2012 at 2:54 pm

iheartsl is only accepting blogs for fashion / poses/ furniture/ etc of a G rating then, is that what I am understanding?

What about events such Swag Fest, The Bo.oBies Show , BEWBAPALOOZA.

and the reply I got was .....

Cajsa Lilliehook says:
October 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm

PG rating. As to the others, there are lots of other feeds I guess.

I said thanks and followed the link left only to find a handful you can actually apply too. Most are not accepting or by invitation only etc. Please follow the link and see for yourself.

So I applied where I could and only 2 feeds responded and added me to their blog rolls and I am personally thankful and happy they did because I blog, it's what I do (6 blogs). I blog fashion, events, photography, art, photography tools, adult, G rated , R rated and M rated. I blog top SL designers of mainstream fashions and I blog top designers of adult fashions.

I have never blogged *porn* on any SL fashion feed.

Who does this hurt? It hurts ALL of the clients I blog for , every single one of them because without the feeds things I am asked to blog of any *adult* nature does not get seen. My fashion blog hits have dropped from 100 plus hits a day to about 80 and it will get worse. So the designers who do like my work and send me things with request to blog are not going to get seen. That includes my mainstream designers as well as my *adult* designers.

Hurting my blog or yours, on the grand scheme of things is only a small part of what it does to the creators we blog for. Many SL avatars follow feeds to see *whats new* so these new guidelines and feed no no's are going to eventually roll down to the designers sales. THAT is just bad business to me.

Prim breasts/implants are HUGE right now and the community is growing rapidly and so are the fashion designers for them , more mainstream and top fashion designers are not only dressing them but skin makers are designing for them as well.

I belong to a group in world , Buxom Lifestyle, and daily a new implant user will say *oh, I love them! but now that I have them how do I skin/dress/tint/ etc, where do I shop?*

This will eventually effect ALL adult content creators from poses to clothes to props, to furniture etc. So I have spent a better part of 2 weeks looking at the top feeds and I have NOT found any distasteful *lewd* porn on them. Yes, I have seen suggestive and sexy and nips  but so far I have seen NO photos blogged of avatars fucking or any *pixel* sex.

The Feeds say its not about being * prudish* its about making feed SFW, welllll......if you worked for me and surfed the net to read about pixel avatar content , you'd be fired. Real life work is for real life work not looking at pixel fashions. Then they say it's about advertising (translate to real money) and some say it is about their sights *hosting* guidelines.

Is it time for an Adult only fashion feed?  Comments are open, input welcomed, no vitriol !


  1. I am behind a mature/adult only feed. Fuck 'em... if they don't want OUR opinions, they can go be pious and all in their own little community.
    Oh wait, let me say that in my normal professional way... *clears throat*
    Yes, I approve of a separate genre for our blogs. I, for one, will not change the name of Classy Sluts (my own blog), and a number of my favorite creators sell clothes of a less-modest nature, therefore anything of mine would be disapproved of by these people. So, I am all for a community of more open-minded fashionistas and connoisseurs of the adult enjoyments."
    Besides, OUR people tend to be FRIENDLIER. *flips a nose at them* lol

  2. Oh Suff ! NO vitriol !! I do hear you, and I do think it will hurt our adult creators and that makes me very sad, and if they are depending on their creations to supplement RL income well, no one is going to see their fabulous designs!

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    2. Okay, some of that was a little too knee-jerk reaction.
      I've had censorship my whole life, due to me not being "mainstream" for 20 years. I've been kicked out of family for my religion, told not to tell anyone I am bi because it's "sinful", and told to cover up because my boobs are too big IRL. When RL prejudices start to seep into my nice, happy online existence, it makes me a mite grumpy:)
      I DO wish them well in their endeavors... and with SL main grid being 14 and over, I can KIND of understand the thought process... but there are so many different ways it could have been worded than how Fashion Feed of SL put it... kinda like my response could have been worded more appropriately.

  3. I was thinking exactly what you said colleen.. we need some adult feeds, period. This is the trend it seems and I think in the long run it's not that bad. This is a normal progression, in rl adult and pg are kept separate so it makes sense that sl should follow suite. I'm not worried one bit, this is actually just a new opportunity. We need adult feeds that cater to the nip and cock crowd, no biggie, it's probably past time it happened anyway right?

    1. I totally agree with you emms! Thank you for your feedback =) .

  4. Colleen as i love your blog and all the "Adult" blogs i say this Fuck Censorship :)

    1. Thank you Kain ! =) I appreciate your support! xo

  5. I think it's time for an Adult feed, too, and I totally agree with Kain. Censorship is a drag.

  6. There was plenty of distasteful prim tit posts and over all trashonista posts that were just plain annoying. I am ok with suggestive clothing etc. but I dont want to see sex scenes,maladjusted poon flaps, crotchs hanging out or your tits. Unless they are skin reviews or something actually creative. Yep it is subjective but then I pay the hosting fee. I think creating an Adult only feed is a smashing idea.

    1. I can't recall ever putting anything like what you have described on any fashion feed. I have looked back over as many feeds as I can and I believe I missed any actual pixel or poseball porn, but then again I only went back as far as a week from the time of the NSFW became a swan song. Most of the bloggers I know slam out some terrific and artistic photographs featuring *adult* designers. The designers making their living on SL are the ones who will suffer, I blog more then just adult content on my fashion blog. I find it odd you came here to respond and did not respond there.

      But, you are correct , you do pay the bill for that feed and should have what you want. I hope the adult designers are in agreement with you , you never know when they might tell bloggers *do NOT blog me on such and such feeds* . The idea behind blogging SL designers and creators are 2 fold, they make a living and we get exposed to their fabulous creativity.

      So, in this late hour of the discussion , some are working towards the goal of an all adult feed.

      Thank you for visiting and for your feedback. =) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    2. Ah, where do I start with *this* one?

      First of all, enough is enough is enough with the "make SL SFW" bullshit. Everyone must get this simple fact in their heads once and for all:

      NO website that is not directly related to their work is SFW.

      Get it?

      Shall I repeat it again?

      NO website that is not directly related to their work is SFW.

      Which means that, if I catch you at work looking at websites that have nothing to do with your work, your ass is fired. I don't care if these websites show titties or not.

      For all I know, they could very well be soccer betting websites (a favourite among males) or health and fitness websites (for female workers) or even crap "news" portals owned by corrupt journalists doing lackey work for corrupt, tax-dodging media/public works/weapons industry moguls.

      Fact of the matter is, at work you just don't goof off. No amount of censorship will make SL "Safe For Work". Unless your company has a presence in Second Life, any and all SL-related blogs, websites etc. have absolutely nothing to do with your work and I wouldn't be surprised if your employer sent you packing upon seeing you goofing off. In fact, you'd be asking for it.

      Furthermore, regarding the "prim titties, nips" etc. Sorry, but this is just plain bullshit. Many fashion designers in SL - unless you're still stuck in 2006, when bling was all the rage - now make dresses, tops etc. with appliers specific to the "prim titties" you so abhor. Mind you, the "prim titties" often look a lot better than the original avatar mesh, not least because of their mesh's (if they're mesh) higher polygon count.

      And enough with the hypocrisy! In SL, it's perfectly all right to go around in a full fursuit (and please, don't insult my intelligence by telling me that the furry fandom does NOT rotate around a certain sexual fetish), but suddenly the human form is taboo? The distortion of people's perception (combined with a predominant puritanism, despite prudes' denial of their puritanism and sexual complexes) done by the likes of Walt Disney is far, far worse than I once thought.

      Oh, and mind you... Kids shouldn't be in SL in the first place. Period.

  7. Just to be clear. I am not making the feed *SFW* I just grow tired of of seeing all the prim tit shots, trashionista nail claws, and sex scenes. Trust me it has ZERO to to with work. My hope is you are actually WORKING at work. However, at the end of the day the feed is not an open democracy. You are free to leave the feed if you feel your are being set back to the 1950s with my moderation.

    Have a lovely Monday! :o)

    1. I think your use of the word *trashionista* is pretty degrading of all females, and uncalled for. You are being the type of person you don't want to see on your blog ie: trashy. There is no reason to use the word.

      ( Trashionista
      A portmanteau of "trashy", "slut" and "fashionista". The word "slut" is omitted as it can't fit in fashionably.

      It is used to denote a trashy whore, slut, skank, and occasional MILF who happens to dress fashionably like a supermodel. They are easily identified by their trendy clothes and willingness to work something out with the same sex in case two are not enough.)

      We are bloggers of fashion and SL products just like anyone else. They are just not things YOU feel are important to your SL.

    2. Another pathetic excuse at mansplaining, which doesn't feed the narwhals. It's not about democracy or not; we all know that websites are privately owned and their owners have final say about what gets posted on them. But we also have intelligence and the ability to judge and evaluate what website owners say.

      Aren't you insulted by RL fashion, where a constant display of titties is the norm? And yes buddy, I am working at work, not looking at avatars. And, regardless of what you say, all this bowdlerization of SL is about making things "SFW" (a bullshit explanation, of course). You know what? At the end of the day, you're the one who'll lose audience - and face. Not me.

  8. Just throwing in my feedback. I hope it is welcome, and I can offer a bit of insight on what it's like from our side of the table.

    For about 3 years, I maintained and moderated myself. In it's early forms, I was more selective about the blogs that I actually accepted into syndication. There was no MainFeed/Community Feed. If I didn't like your blog, I simply didn't add you. You can imagine how well that went over. My inbox would quickly fill with emails that ranged from angry demands to heart wrenching requests for explanation on why they were not selected. I was threatened, I was plurked, I was "that bitch Carissa Crimson". It sucked.

    Then Boot came along, and picked up the tab for web hosting that could support the over 900 blogs we are currently syndicating. I no longer had to turn anyone away, and I was very clear in the TOS about our policy of syndicating on the Community Feed. Yes we have advertisers, but after expanding syndication to everyone, I cut advertising costs in half. does not operate at profit, it is a monthly out of pocket expense for us.

    In order to maintain blogs with a majority of posts that did not feature, as Boot refers to them, "prim tit shots, trashionista nail claws, and sex scenes", he and I were manually scanning the feed and moving single posts from Main to Community. It seemed to be a never ending task, so we just started moving the entire blog over.

    In the meantime, we have our inbox filling up with complaints by self appointed "Feed Police" expressing SHOCK and HORROR that we could allow such lewd posts on the Main Feed.

    After reading through this, I realize that no matter what we do, or how we try, we will never ever make everyone happy. I think an Adult Only feed is a fabulous idea, honestly. Go for it! I'm even willing to share my knowledge and experience to help you set it up. :)

    <3 Cari

    1. Thank you Cari, and of course you are welcomed to voice your opinion here, all are and I totally understand that a feed is work and it is a cost out of pocket as well. No one is arguing that point here.

      We are working to put together an *adult* fashion feed, the difference being ALL bloggers of SL products will no doubt be welcomed on the feed. I can't speak for all of SL or all of SL bloggers, for me it is about enjoying new creativity, places, people and products of some SL designers who work very hard, spend hours and time and money to bring residents of SL quality products they want .

      Thank you for your comments and nice to meet you, Have a wonderful holiday if in fact you do celebrate Thanksgiving!

    2. Cari,
      Your explanation was quite a bit better, and more understandable. I DO understand where you are coming from. I think most of the negative feelings about Boot's post and subsequent comments was because of the rather... indelicate, rude way they were put. I understand that not everyone has the ingrained knowledge of how to word things in a way that isn't offensive, but I think it might be a good idea for someone to read over his announcements like that before he posts. I consider uncouthness more vulgar than profanity.

  9. ROFL well I suggest a thicker skin. SL is a hobby so if my post sound harsh, vulgar and uncouth I apologize. I am not particularly concerned with winning any popularity contests.

    At any rate I think the point was made.

    1. You'd do yourself a huge favor by letting Cari do all the business talking =) , she apparently knows how to speak with people.

      We were not as concerned about YOUR feed as we are ALL feeds that do not want *adult* content. You seem to think we have a personal vendetta to yours and that is just not the case at all.

      As I said before I blog more then just *adult* on my fashion feed and likely other *adult* bloggers do as well. Maybe you should take a quick look at my blog. .

  10. No Colleen. I do not care how you view the feed and really what would be achieved by a blog vendetta? Very odd.... I admit that I am not a soft touch with words. Mostly the only reason I even responded to your blog post and comments was because there was a tone that I was censoring the feed to be safe for work. I just wanted to be clear that was not what I was doing. Anyhow I digress and will let this be as its just silly at this point.