Friday, November 2, 2012

Hottest Male Pornstars ~ Hoob Diddy

Unless you live under a virtual rock, you know this sexy hunk . Hoobs is another of my fav pornstar males. He is fun, sexy and cool. No stresses with this guy at all, working with him is just that easy. So, if you get a chance to hop on his pose systems , do it! 

Hoobs is a fantastic photographer, pornographer  blogger and has been in a few videos as well. He hosts and promotes some of SL's top pornstar hotties , and is a Walk of Fame Star.

 I love every single way that you look at me
There's somethin' special in the way that you talk,

He could feel the passion of her need .I lose my mind every time you touch me.I can't control myself.

I lose my mind every time you touch me
I can't control myself when it comes to you

Get to know Hoobs! 

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