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Stay Tuned .........

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Kaoru Kira
VanHelsing Svoboda
Bewitched Difference
colleen Criss

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The New Commandments

SO, yesterday everyone had to agree to the new TOS guidelines when they logged in this afternoon. There have been some changes to the TOS, some of it gets a bit hard to understand but you have that when a company is trying to cover their butts and close loopholes as tightly as possible and at the same time putting as much distance between its self and its users.

Some things I paid direct interest too such as photography and machinima guidelines because it is most of what I do . You can find those here if you are interested.

Another one I followed closely is the guidelines on ageplay found here.

Also something else I found interesting was Article 6 on Conduct of Users thru Article 6.3.

6.1 You will not post or transmit prohibited Content, including any Content that is illegal, harassing or violates any person's rights.

You agree that you will not:

(i) Post, display, or transmit Content that violates any law or the rights of any third party, including without limitation Intellectual Property Rights. We reserve the right to request at any time proof of permissions in a form acceptable to us. Failure to provide such proof may lead to, among other things, removal of such Content from the Service;

(ii) Impersonate any person or entity without their consent, or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation, or if you are an adult, impersonate a minor for the purpose of interacting with a minor using the Service;

(iii) Stalk, harass, or engage in any sexual, suggestive, lewd, lascivious, or otherwise inappropriate conduct with minors on the Service;

(iv)  Post, display, or transmit Content that is harmful, threatening or harassing, defamatory, libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person's privacy;

(v) Post, display, or transmit Content that is obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; or

 (vi) Post, display or transmit any Content or conduct or host any activity that is sexually explicit, or intensely violent.
Any violation by you of the terms of this Section may result in immediate termination of your Accounts without any refund or other compensation.

6.1 (vi)  is one of those blurred lines for me. It has made me rethink artwork posted in SL even if it was taken with consent and contains anything sexual or erotic. Thank goodness for flickr and blogs or else not much would get seen.

Currently there is a TON of discussions going on on the feeds as well as on the SL Forums and several other SL related blogs and forums. I will link these here too.

It looks like LL's maybe taking another run at all things ADULT. You may have a different understanding then I do , please feel free to share comments on this blog if you wish, OR get in on some of the other discussions going on.

New update on SL TOS causing confusion

Yipes – can’t agree to TOS - SLUniverse Forums thread

So what’s new in the TOS now? - SL Forums thread

Good Luck everyone, navigating the grid just got a lot trickier! We are all on our own. LL's will only be involved when it becomes a legal issue it appears. Guard your real life info closely, pay attention to the new info on DMCA as well if you are a content creator.

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Attention Whore

I'm the one that's so delicious
I'm the one that's really vicious
I'm the one that's always seen
I'm the one who's your wet dreams (oh baby)
I'm the one they call "the bitch"
I'm the one who'll make you rich
I'm the one that rolls the skirt
I'm the one who makes you hurt

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adult Temper Tantrums !!!

demotivational poster ADULT TEMPER TANTRUMS

[23:31] Zoey Winsmore: So, where are you now to say that Hoobs is spamming with a notice, for the second time now in a short period of time for a photoshoot someone did, reposting the works on his blog, and sending out a notice for the same identical pics that Keeley posted a notice for as well...  And then I am getting accused by you of spamming a while back when I did a notice for the full movie release.  You measure things with two bottles Colleen, and you were personally out to nail me to the wall... you SUCK as a moderator if you only tell certain people YOUR self made up rules.  It happend a while back when Moonie did post a notice for her pics and he reposting a notice for the same pics, both having only 20 Minutes apart..   and now again, Keeley posting a notice and he posting a notice for 6 identical pics from Keeley's flickr in not even one hour apart.  And now I DONT CARE you were not online, just the same as you TOLD me you didn't care I was online to see what an
 actress of mine did.  Learn how to be a moderator,
[23:31] Zoey Winsmore:  instead of taking out your damn vendetta's against someone if you have a fucking problem with what Emily says!!!
[23:31] Zoey Winsmore: and here is your PROOF:

[14:53] Keeley Snowfall: Here is a photo shoot I did last night, of myself and Gaheris Edelmann aka G. And got it all edited today since I wasn't doing much, happy perving.   [15:47] Ĥ Ѻ Ѻ β Ş (hoobdiddy): A STEAMY OCCASION
Hottie Keeley Snowfall shows us today, how to have fun in a steam room. This shoot was done by Keeley and her studio PURE EROTICA.

[23:32] Zoey Winsmore: I am done talking about this!!!   Goodbye

I'm tending my real life it is the weekend and I do have one so until I can come pat the babies back would one of you please do that for me? 

Thank you, binkies are in the drawer next to her pc I think.

I will tell you the same thing I told Emily, grow the fuk up. No one even thinks about you 2 at all. 

Throwing a temper tantrum at me while I am offline is more than total bullshit. If you were so offended at his notices you should have taken it another mod that WAS online. Unlike you I do have a real life to tend .

You want to draw bullshit lines , like the child you are. Go boo hoo to Sere , she seems very satisfied with how I mod the group and until she makes me not a mod you will live, huh.