Sunday, August 4, 2013

Adult Temper Tantrums !!!

demotivational poster ADULT TEMPER TANTRUMS

[23:31] Zoey Winsmore: So, where are you now to say that Hoobs is spamming with a notice, for the second time now in a short period of time for a photoshoot someone did, reposting the works on his blog, and sending out a notice for the same identical pics that Keeley posted a notice for as well...  And then I am getting accused by you of spamming a while back when I did a notice for the full movie release.  You measure things with two bottles Colleen, and you were personally out to nail me to the wall... you SUCK as a moderator if you only tell certain people YOUR self made up rules.  It happend a while back when Moonie did post a notice for her pics and he reposting a notice for the same pics, both having only 20 Minutes apart..   and now again, Keeley posting a notice and he posting a notice for 6 identical pics from Keeley's flickr in not even one hour apart.  And now I DONT CARE you were not online, just the same as you TOLD me you didn't care I was online to see what an
 actress of mine did.  Learn how to be a moderator,
[23:31] Zoey Winsmore:  instead of taking out your damn vendetta's against someone if you have a fucking problem with what Emily says!!!
[23:31] Zoey Winsmore: and here is your PROOF:

[14:53] Keeley Snowfall: Here is a photo shoot I did last night, of myself and Gaheris Edelmann aka G. And got it all edited today since I wasn't doing much, happy perving.   [15:47] Ĥ Ѻ Ѻ β Ş (hoobdiddy): A STEAMY OCCASION
Hottie Keeley Snowfall shows us today, how to have fun in a steam room. This shoot was done by Keeley and her studio PURE EROTICA.

[23:32] Zoey Winsmore: I am done talking about this!!!   Goodbye

I'm tending my real life it is the weekend and I do have one so until I can come pat the babies back would one of you please do that for me? 

Thank you, binkies are in the drawer next to her pc I think.

I will tell you the same thing I told Emily, grow the fuk up. No one even thinks about you 2 at all. 

Throwing a temper tantrum at me while I am offline is more than total bullshit. If you were so offended at his notices you should have taken it another mod that WAS online. Unlike you I do have a real life to tend .

You want to draw bullshit lines , like the child you are. Go boo hoo to Sere , she seems very satisfied with how I mod the group and until she makes me not a mod you will live, huh.


  1. Colleen, I did not give my consent to you to post my IM for public showcasing on your blog.

    I have send in an Abuse Report as you now have violated the SecondLife™ TOS and Community Standards.


    Community Standard #4 Disclosure

    Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. .. Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited.

  2. You should report me again. That rant of yours came to my email , a 3rd party service and I posted to a 3rd party service, none of which LL's controls. Maybe you should choose a bit wiser who you toss your bs too Zoey. And I'm sure LL's IF they were interested , would see the level of abuse was yours not mine. LL's only cares that I do not reveal any of your REAL LIFE info, not only do I not know any of it , I don't care about any of it.

    So hit that AR again as many times has your fingers can push the button. :) Have a good day Zoey. I caution you to think before you type in the future if you are so worried over your avatar privacy.

  3. Are you obsessed with me Colleen? My name should be removed from this!
    How childish are you to take a private matter public? You are like a little child running home to tell daddy, but in this case making a private matter public and throwing all sorts of names on it to somehow gain sympathy, poor Colleen got yelled at by Zoey.

    You are the one telling people to take personal matters private, but all you have shown is if they do you will post it publically and add a bunch of names to it in hopes they will come and support you cause this is somehow about them now! (You brought me into this)

    You should not be a mod if this is how you handle a disagreement, have Zoey ejected, and have me ejected if we broke some kind of rule, but don’t show everyone that a mod takes private comments and posts them publically if they disagree with her.

    You should not be a mod !

    1. LOL !! It would appear to me that the ones who are upset and obsessed are the 2 of you. Here you both are banging the bars with your tin cups.

      FYI if you check your girlfriends text SHE named you not me, LOL I don't even think about either of you. Now, trot along.

      And , .cares. or. is . listening. Have a good SL ! =)

  4. PS the more you two type the more foolish you both look. Take that under advisement.