Monday, October 28, 2013

Man Candy

One of my favorite Flickr Artists and friend as well as LUMIPro user is Linc G.

I love his eye and how he keeps his shots clean, focused and uncluttered.
He is a fantastic artist, shooting individuals, shooting for gallerias , as well as products and magazines and fashion.

Today I'm sharing a few of his man candy shoots with his permission.

If you are not familiar with Linc's work you can find more of it on his flickr .



Sitting Tall (Deason 11042012 006)

Healing Angel - Redemption [Lincoln 01292013 07]

GMP March Cover

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Purrrfect Mesh, Stunning Detail.

These photos do not really do this outfit justice at all. Hopefully I can get a vid out soon to show you how stunning this really is. The way it catches the light is amazing!

[ROSAL] UNMEI Complete Set - Multicolor (Mesh)

This set contains all the items from the UNMEI line, which include:

- Neck Corset (OpenCollar version included) 
- Waist Corset 
- Gloves 
- Thigh-high Platform Boots 
- Thigh-high Ballet Boots

All items are 100% skinned mesh, with SEVEN main colors that you can choose from - Black, Red, White, Pink, Tan, Purple, and Turquoise. The color are selectable via menu (choose presets or color parts individually).

Multiple sizes available for each item.

Tsarina Mint, creator.

Make your purchase HERE.

Monday, October 21, 2013

SL Porn Review Continued

Picking up where I left off from the previous post.

Once you have your concept for your video and you have shot it. You will need to edit the vid. There are several free editors you can use. Most of you probably already have WMM (Windows Live Movie Maker). It's very basic but it's a nice tool to play with and  get the general idea of video editing. It's free if you do not have it.

This list of editors is free to use editors. If you scroll down to the comments you will also find some other suggestions from readers.

(NOTE: I have not used any of these.)

OFG uses Premiere. We have also used Sony Vegas.

Size matters . 

You are also going to want to consider the size of your video depending on where you want to upload your final video. 

Naughty Machinima size is under 200mg .

CODEC : Covered extremely well by Serenity and Arwen here.


 Ok, so , that's it for today! I'm sure I left some things out. IM's are always open for Q&A. OFG is always happy to share if we know so ask.


If you download and use any of the programs listed above, be smart , protect yourself and your machine.
No one wants malware or virus .

Friday, October 18, 2013


He said , baby..... lets sneak off together. Meet me in the park , I'll bring the blanket.
He knew I could not resist .....
I was wet already at the thought of him......

and when he pulled me to him , I could feel the heat in our touch. That good body rockin spread up you thighs, curl your toes and tingle your spine kinda heat.

He whispered what he wanted and I could feel his cock pressed to my thigh.
I purred softly into his mouth curling my tongue around his and said....

I need to give you what you want babe.
Feed me...

He knew I liked it public , the thought of being caught , of strangers watching us together. My mouth filled with cock. Him looking down at me , feeding me inch by inch. His cock between my breasts, stroking it as I sucked.

He covered me with cum. Fed my every desire and I begged for more. He filled me with cum until neither of us could move.

And then I spotted a watcher in the woods.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pink Ribbon Ball Featuring The Hotties

Where : Sensations Mansion

When Sunday Oct 20th 2pm

DJ : Jadelyn McAuley

Hosts and Hostess to be announced

Attire.. Pink Black and White

This is a ball benefiting Breast Cancer Research

I have some great sposors already giving gifts that i will be giving away througout the event ... Looking for more.. so if you would like to donate your time , money or product..please get me me asap.

There will also be a silent acution for a chance to win a date with a famous Hoobs Hottie.

This is just now in the planning stages.. so please if you have time and would like to help..Please contact me asap.

If you just want to attend and bring a date.. most awesome.. everyone is invited and encouraged to attend

Thank you so much!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's a Hottie Thing !

I was surprised and excited when Hoobs invited me last year to be one of his Elite Hotties, and I do mean Elite, back then the Hottie roster was the best of the best of SL Pornstars.


Some have come and gone since then and Hoobs searched out other totally awesome pornstars and new comers to this amazing fun group of Elite ladies of Porn.

I'm pleased to still be with them!

You can keep up with our antics on the grid by following the Hottie Blog  and visiting us on Hottie Island!

Ayara, Raelin, Moonie, Chloe and myself with Mr. Hoobs at Hottie Island.

Quoting Hoobs.....

 These 5 sexy ladies have been with me since the beginning of Hoobs Hotties. They have always been there for me and have become some great friends. Since we are having our anniversary party this saturday at sensations. These girls deserve some recognition for being with the Hotties for over a year. Congratulations ladies and I look forward to the years to come.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

SL Porn Review

Something I loathe to do. It just makes no sense to me, after all this is SL and none of it is *real* , we wont be going to Hollywood for Oscar night,  the best we can hope for since it is SL is to just have fun creating what we ourselves like. 

At Opium Films that is what we do. We do what we have fun with and what we enjoy and we get a few laughs along the way and meet some new people and we post it to share in hopes that anyone viewing will have fun with it too.

The 2 major porn sites used by SL'ers , Naughty Machinima and SL Porntube, use a star rating system and a comment section. Sadly some avatars see fit to abuse that and leave unflattering responses. Pretty sad but eh some people need to do that I guess. The more they try to put you down the better they feel about themselves. It's all pretty high school mean crowd crap. Now I could go thru the vid sites and flickr and blogs and point out all the mistakes, flaws and ugly BUT I don't care enough to do that for one and for two it would be only my opinion and we all know opinions are like assholes and for three I don not intend to waste my SL fun critiquing your work. If you are happy with it that is all that really matters.

That said, if anyone really has the creds to leave a review at all I can think of few that are very qualified to do so, like, Rysan Fall, Adam Sin, Nik Arlington, Pixie Rain.

Lately the number of avatars bashing others movies or abilities or credentials is really just a new low for the SL porn communities. I rarely even watch SL porn vids to be totally honest, but when I do I don't feel compelled to critique them neither good nor bad, because what I see will not be what say oh, Henry, might see.

It was said that vids were dull or boring, well maybe so but it is SL and it is pixel sex, how many times have things been done and redone. Nothing new has been invented in RL or SL it is what it is, I don't care what you name it, it is pixel fuks r us. There is no genius to it. Unless you are a pose creator you will struggle with making a pose look good, angles etc. Things are going to poke through, hair, arms cocks etc adjust as best you can to suit you using your cam view or buy Anypose (listed below). Learn your lighting. Use the basic rule of 3rds, learn when to break that rule.

I've watched over time avatars post their latest vid project or photo project into group notice/chat panes with very very little response or feedback, neither positive or negative. Often I'm thankful for that to be honest because I figure either no one bothered to even look (which would be my category) or no one had anything they wished to say about what was posted OR is it cliquish? More about whose ass you can kiss to get that next huge video/photoshoot part?

I always wonder though about the newcomers to porn and vids and photos. True newcomers with no experience, do they get scared off by what they see/read in reviews , group chats, chat feedback when it comes? Everyone likes positive feedback, we all want someone to say oh hey awesome job, even if we don't think it is, you can say that as well. It is all about delivery. Not what you say but more how you say. I've learned that not everyone wants feedback really unless it is glowing so why bother at all. How important in the grand scheme of any ones SLife? Some, like me and OFG, are going to shoot what WE shoot despite what anyone says because we are not here to please masses . We are here to please us and enjoy OUR SL. I don't aspire to be the SL equivalent of  Spielberg or Scorsese or Picasso because it is just stupid. 

It's not rocket science people , It takes patience without a doubt but anyone can do it if they try. If you have a creative mind, the right tools and the patience to learn you can make SL porn till your head explodes. Try not to plagiarize others work , RL or SL, try to be original if you do use something that is NOT yours, give credit where credit is due, including sounds and sound tracks , logos etc. It takes one minutes to say hey this music was found here.....or this voice is not mine , I found it here or this avatar did a voice part. We all use music tracks in our vids that we did not make, recently someone used an entire movie audio, some use sound bites.

If you have a good rig and basic knowledge of the tools you need to shoot a vid or a photo, you are aces. BUT, you can do this with a not so powerful machine as well in a control environment , lag free, in the air , lower some settings in the UI . TONS of ways to do this. Patience is the key, along with how much work you really want to do, at some point the fun  gives way to work. I'm here for fun not work. Your mileage may differ. You may want to aspire to be the SL Spielberg. 

I will not critique you but I will help you find ways to improve, if you are interested, if not's all good.
Here are some tools and tips.

Fraps, a very nice $30 USA program, to record videos in Second Life. But Fraps will only record the game itself. ( I prefer Fraps, you can use the free version and edit out the too.) 

Camstudio is a free tool for recording video of your entire desktop, a specific region, or a window. It's perfect for recording Second Life videos, and best of all, its free! You can get the free version at,  Camstudio gives you control over the output of your video: custom cursors, and to record the whole screen or just a section of it. (this pogram is really best for those who want to make tutorials etc, but will shoot SL vids)

Is your pc SL ready? LL's list the BASIC pc req's to even play in SL but I will tell you this they set the req's for Ram way to low. way way too low.

Good luck and welcome to SL porn.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NEW from Opium Films Group

Fashion for Naughty Girls

~Sassy!~ Playing With Fire
>TRUTH< Rayne Bow
Lolas ::: Tango ::: 
""D!va"" Hair "Giz" (Type A)(Moon stone)
** Bound Collar Black
P.C; Faceted Parrot Stone Earrings
CockWhore Tat Shambles Tattoos

Monday, October 7, 2013

Here is your challenge!

Last week Envy Watts IM'd me and said "I was perving your flickr " and man did she go wayyyyyyyy back !!

When we were noobs Last Call was the place to shop. The creator passed away and the store was closed but before they locked the doors forever I think I bought everything in it!

So she said she had folders full too and we should do a Throw Back Thursday shoot and make it a challenge .
 So, pornstars here is your challenge, Throw Back Thursdays ! Be sure to post them and link us so we can see yours!

You will find this on Envy's Flickr.

And this was my version.

Link to comments on this blog ! We'd  love to see what you Throw back too  :) .

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am Aware......