Friday, October 18, 2013


He said , baby..... lets sneak off together. Meet me in the park , I'll bring the blanket.
He knew I could not resist .....
I was wet already at the thought of him......

and when he pulled me to him , I could feel the heat in our touch. That good body rockin spread up you thighs, curl your toes and tingle your spine kinda heat.

He whispered what he wanted and I could feel his cock pressed to my thigh.
I purred softly into his mouth curling my tongue around his and said....

I need to give you what you want babe.
Feed me...

He knew I liked it public , the thought of being caught , of strangers watching us together. My mouth filled with cock. Him looking down at me , feeding me inch by inch. His cock between my breasts, stroking it as I sucked.

He covered me with cum. Fed my every desire and I begged for more. He filled me with cum until neither of us could move.

And then I spotted a watcher in the woods.

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