Monday, April 28, 2014

Second Life™ 11th Birthday Community Celebration is coming!

(Banner designed by  Harlequin Rhode aka Rosie Simca)

Second Life™ 11th Birthday Community Celebration is coming!

Sunday June 22nd – Sunday June 29th 2014

For info visit:

( Note:
You are free to distribute and use these designs for SL11B related items and activities, blogging, etc. however you are not able to use them in any items or object that you intend on selling. In addition, as SL11B is a G rated event, use of the art must conform to the G rating as outlined in the SL ToS and Community Standards.
Using these designs should not imply acceptance or endorsement by SL11B community event organizers. )

The theme this year takes inspiration from a quote by the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill:

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

The SL11BCC regions have a firm General rating. You can read more about the general Event Policies here.
You may not display content that would defame, ridicule or disparage other residents or Second Life. Any content that is deemed offensive, harassing, insulting or bullying will be removed and the owner will be removed from the event. This will be determined by the staff of SL11BCC,  at their discretion,  and all decisions are final.

So I am curious Adult Content Creators, will you be building at SL11B ?
In accordance with the rules of all sims rated G and LL's TOS, what will you offer or be permitted to offer should you decide to build on a G rated sim? (see #5) of the 'Big Six'. They will have access to General-rated content and places within Second Life. 
"General" areas in Second Life do not advertise or make available content or activity that's sexually explicit, violent or depict nudity.

 A simple solution would have been to set ONE sim to adult and THAT should keep *actual* underagers out ( not meaning adults playing child avatars)  and gramma forwarned not to visit and incorporate the Adult community into a celebration of a service they help to pay for. BUT what do I know.

This blog is open for discussion as well ( remember *NO* flaming )

I'm interested to know how adult content creators will participate in this celebration.

Lets chat! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Hard Alley has an Art Gallery?

Why, YES IT DOES.  The opening party was TONIGHT! 

It features works from Spirit Eleonara, as well as Jadelyn McAuley, Woozer Paule and Cypriss Hill.  The gallery will regularly feature guest artists.

Pics from the opening of The Spirit World's Erotic Art Gallery Opening at Hard Alley
courtesy of Hard Rust.

Be sure to stop over and have a look at this awesome erotic galley!

Congrats to Ms. Spirit and all of the guest artists!