Wednesday, August 22, 2012

OFG VIP Kyros Soulstar , SuperSoulstar

A few days ago Hoobs sent out a notice looking for hot guys to work with his hotties and I forwarded that notice to some of my favorite hot guys!  Kyros Soulstar is one of those guys.

I'd not seen him for a few weeks so it was great to reconnect and chat, he said he needed some photos and I said I had free time . Just so you know , he makes it very hard to focus on .....working! Just look at him !

 Kyros Soulstar: I'd need to take a few naked shots though.
colleen Criss: :) I'll fix ya up

Kyros Soulstar: And are you sure you can trust me taking pictures while I'm naked?? *chuckles*
colleen Criss: I ain't skeered ! LOL
Kyros Soulstar: you should be.
 Kyros Soulstar: *moves a little closer with a grin, reaching out to take your hand in mine, guiding it closer and sliding your hand slowly down My stomach*  So... still waiting to do that shoot you mentioned??

colleen Criss: OoOoo
  colleen Criss: /me coughs and composes herself .... yes
 colleen Criss: but lets get snaps for Hoobs definitely
  colleen Criss: whats he want
  colleen Criss: nude and face?
 Kyros Soulstar: *Moving your hand further down as your fingers begin to brush against my manhood* Is that costume for the shoot??
 colleen Criss: depends *grins* you into naughty schools girls?
 Kyros Soulstar: If they are named colleen, yes. *smiles as I slide your hand down evern further, feeling it pressing against Me and stirring My excitement* It says one clothed and one naked, but no other distinctions.

colleen Criss: you're making me lose focus !
  Kyros Soulstar: *releasing your hand slowly and letting you make your own choice* Ah, well, back to business I suppose?? *I press My hips forward slightly, moving my hardening cock against your hand* Wouldn't want you to lose focus.

Bad boys ! always my one weakness :)

Yeah, it's just like that.

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