Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hottest Male Pornstars ~ Kain Flux

Another hot piece of man candy in Second Life porn! Kain is  fun, creative, and has his hand in a few things =) , well other then my panties! He is a photographer, blogger, DJ ,and the tats he is wearing in this shoot were created by him as well as the piercings! He is also a partnered Star with not one but two really sexy wives, Lynn Lionheart and Heavenleigh Snowpaw. He is also a member of Sons Of Anarchy World MC.

When he's not busy doing all of that he is often busy shooting The gorgeous  girls of Hoobs Hotties!! So it's nice to get him in my lens for this shoot!

Find more Kain ... Kains Kandy and Big Daddy Studios.  Now that's some man candy!!

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