Monday, December 3, 2012

Play Me

Four strings, his fingers plucked, his bow caressed, his eyes penetrated me as he played.
So dark and sensual . I stood before him and as he played I loosened my gown and let it fall on the floor at his feet. 

He stood and turned me , his hands forced me between his knees and ran his bow across my flesh. I became his instrument and he played me. My body gave way to his touch and his music flooded my senses. Waves of highs and lows , sadness and pain, joy and tears.
My body responded, small beads of perspiration glistened on my flesh, thighs quivered and legs spread. He caressed my most secret places with his bow, his fingers burned into my flesh.

He laid me down gasping and he slipped away in the dark and I crawled to the cello and caressed it with my flesh, waiting, waiting for him to return.

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