Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Caught on Tape

Last weeks Karaoke Party at Opium, hosted by the always hot and sexy Suff. This is growing nicely, last week we had 5 singers doing 3 songs each. Total fun!

Come join us on Wednesdays !!

Wednesday !!!!

Wednesday 7pmslt -Til Whenever! Opium II

a little something new for you guys :)

Naughty Adult Karaoke with your hostess Suff! 
Set in the beautiful Opium II sim. Sometimes you don't have to be drunk to stand up and sing in front of a crowd :P Yeahh, you read that right. Have you ever wanted to sing "Closer" by NiN while pounding someone? Or just wanted to have sex in public while someone else is singing? Whether you are in the mood to sing, listen, fuck, or just hang out. Naughty attire is welcome, Nudity is encouraged, Sex will be scored;)come down and sing or just listen and be naughty :P

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