Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You Cow !!

It's almost laughable. I really do not get it, Second Life, a place of role play and fantasy. A place you can be and look any way you want. I'm all good with all role plays, seriously , I am. I don't have to like the role play , I can tp out and not say a word.

What really cracks me up is the avatars who bring all of their operators prejudiced with them., and expect everyone is like them. Maybe everyone is but I doubt it. Then they jump in in the middle of a group chat and insult the people carrying on a fun lighthearted conversation about ....Second Life Implants.

[13:08] Avatar Barbie: all SL fake boobs make you look like a milk cow
[13:09] Avatar Barbie: period

I looked at that comment for a few minutes  and replied ....

[13:09] colleen Criss: ok Avatar Barbie, pardon us while we Mooooooo

[13:11] colleen Criss: I have to say given the choice , implants all the way over square one in physics that look like they are forever applauding the winds

[13:10] colleen Criss: way to insult half the group too you're on a roll.

Several others made some valid comments as well, about how they like to look based on fetish play, real life look  and being tired of Second Life terrible avatar mesh .

But basically my point is ..... The opinion that comes out of your mouth doesn't describe me, but the fact that it's coming out of your mouth describes you !! Think before you talk or hit that enter key !!

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