Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And the Winner is .......

The Sexiest Awards - March 2nd

And the Winner is .......

The Official Porn Awards have not even happened yet but the drama got off to an early start !

In the Newcomers Nominees we have one teen I had never heard of or ever seen the avatar so I pulled up search to find a blank profile of an avatar that is 6 years old. That said , not being into teen porn is probably why I missed her. Upon further investigation I did find a blog and a couple movies and a flickr. This category has 2 girls IMHO that are most deserving of the title both being extremely active members of the porn community.

The Sexiest® Newcomer.

Ashlynn Jameson.
Bewitched Difference.
Emma Starr Chant (emmamaystar). 
James Wolfgang.
Zuby Gloom.

Now lets take a look at the The Sexiest® Movie Story. I read on another blog last night some really ridiculous things. Putting my own personal feelings aside about some people in this category, I have to say this, IF you paid your entry fee to be in the Categories and the Lead Judge says basically to long didn't watch , that's total bullshit ! Why are you judging if you have no intentions of watching the movies no matter if it is 5 minutes to an hour plus? And, if the Lead didn't watch, did the rest of the super sekret judges even bother? I mean there was plenty of time to watch the video this has been in planning for quite some time. I'm glad that sim builder didn't say oh too much work I didn't build. Anyone who has entered into this award show are clearly not getting the 200L per category worth. 

All that being said lets be realistic, the net attention span runs about 5 minutes tops, anything over that, anything broken down into *parts* is just not a good idea in net speak 1 hr plus is damn near a life time . Hell I know  SL *4ever loves* that did not play out that long.

The Sexiest® Movie Story.

Barbiedoll Resident -  Kidnapped.
Miss Emily - SUCCUBUS, The motion picture.
Nik Arlington- A Blank Canvas.
Raelin Jestyr - Night Shift.

As, talented as Nik Arlington is , her promo to an unfinished video does not belong in any of these awards categories.

Here we go, all the drama over the best photographer category last year and those pushing for the category are not even in the nominees, imagine that! BUT we have ....BEST Model Male and Female (photography) and The Best Photograph.

The Sexiest® Photograph.

Copernico Ferraris - Waterlove.
Laura Demonista -Somewhere Else.
Raelin Jestyr - I want you.  ( I adore Rae BUT I had to laugh at this date January 1, 4501. Talk about anomalies! ) I mean there were cut off dates for these awards, this makes hers ....too early?
Spirit Eleonara - Blue.
Sugar Vegas (babygirl Luv) - Tied Up.

If the Lead Judge had time to peruse what might possible have been a few hundred photos, they should be watching videos as well!

Speaking of a NEW Category WHERE are the Tgirls/Shemales category? They are a valid and integral part of the SL Porn Communities, are they not? Why do they not deserve a category? That is so messed up! Imagine ,running them right along side of the Males and the Females, that might be a huge ego blow to the losing Male or female in any category because you are essentially saying hey they can't have their own category BUT they are more blah blah blah then the actual Male or Female . Bullshit, give them a category , they are one to themselves and they deserve it.

The Sexiest® Best Director

A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.
Kidnapped - Barbiedoll Resident.
Succubus- Miss Emily.
The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.
Toys in the Attic - Thorgal McGillivary.

The Sexiest®  Best Film

A Blank Canvas - Nikki Arlington.
Breaking in the new bed - Ayara -PĪИҚ- Sparta-Illios.
Fuck you all the time - London Zane.
Night shift - Raelin Jestyr.
The Abduction of Alicia Haze - Adam Sin.

Hands down the awards in these 2 categories belong to Adam Sin. His video is beautifully done AND should be in the Sexiest Story Category as well.

There are many avatars in the porn community who have my respect sadly at this point those people do not include those running the Awards nor Judging them.

I can only guess that most are totally over these awards for lack of entries I have a feeling someone went hunting for people to populate certain categories, but that's just my opinion.

Good luck to all of those who are up for awards . IF these awards are going to continue some major work/overhaul needs to be done because from the looks of things many are totally disillusioned with and rightly so.

Cheers !


  1. I talked to Emma about Tgirls having they're own category and was told that it was too late for this year, but that she will consider it for next year so maybe if EVERYONE signs a petition or does a poll or something she will not consider it and just DO IT ALREADY!!

    1. Would be nice to see, I hope the Tgirls will stay on this then.