Monday, September 24, 2012

His Invitation .....

was for a photo shoot with me. I had seen his work, visited his gallery and I was impressed. Of course, I said yes! He had the most wonderful bath filled with flowers, the fire was warming and the music was sensual.

So was he. He was charming, professional ,he charmed and relaxed me and I was putty in his hands and oh so so naughty !

He wrapped me in his arms, bathed me in his light and whispered softly across my flesh.

Possessed me, used me , dominating all of my senses.

Moments of calm, moments of lust .

It ended all too soon !

I'm so looking forward to our next shoot!

If you do not know Graham or have not seen his work ......find him here:

Graham Collinson



EAST Galleries of Art

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