Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kai Barineaux @ Orchid Theatre

Burlesque is just extremely hot ! I love looking at old movies etc of famous burlesque divas such as, Josephine Baker,  Ernest Hemingway allegedly called her “the most sensational woman anyone ever saw”! Gypsy Rose Lee, movies and musicals have been written about this iconic figure’s life. Blaze Starr, Starr was certainly one of the most beautiful women to ever hit the scene. Jennie Lee “The Bazoom Girl”: an incredible bust line that seemed to defy the laws of nature cemented this curvy blonde’s status as a sex symbol for the ages. Sensual, sexy and fun but never vulgar.

The girls at Orchids work hard to bring that kind of show to you Second Life and I have to say I'm impressed each and every time I go to watch!

Kai Barineaux is one of my dearest and sweetest friends, she's so hot she will melt your makeup ladies and your men will just toss their wallets on the stage!! She is not only a famous second life pornstar but she is also one of second lifes top burlesque divas . Her fan base is huge and there is no secret why!

Do yourself a favor and go over and catch a show soon. Sundays @ 4PM SLT at Orchids Theatre. 

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