Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hotties Holiday Ball !!

Another huge success thanks you our friends and fans and of course the totally sexy Hotties!!

I was late getting there but when I arrived the club was packed!

Domino had the place jumping ! Keeley kept them all guessing with Hottie Trivia and handing out a TON of prizes ! Many thanks to all of our sponsors that made sure we had fabulous gifts to give!

(photo courtesy of Burly Tigerpaw)

(photo courtesy of Burly Tigerpaw)

We had some lag issues and rez issues but it was not enough to keep us from having a great time!
As you can see the party was formal and everyone looked stunning!

When Domino's set was over the totally awesome Moonie took the stream and made everyones clothes fall off!!

(photo courtesy of Burly Tigerpaw)

(photo courtesy of Burly Tigerpaw)

Not sure what happened to our Hoobs here but someone said something about a bath and a dryer (shrugs).
I'd say he was just making sure he had ....well, the best views in the club :) ! I recall someone , proably Envy, covering his head with her skirt!

Many thanks to Burly for snappin so many awesome photos of the party ! You can see all of his on his flickr HERE.

And some more of mine HERE.

Happy Holidays to all of the Hotties Friends and Fans! You make this awesome fun for us all!!

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