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For Immediate Release

Contact: SensualMami
Sensual Consultants


When: Saturday, Dec. 21 - Wednesday, Jan. 15
Where: Strokerz Toyz Sim

Stroker Serpentine launches his return endeavor in an effort to bring together Second Life's brightest talent from the fields of erotic fashion, captivating animation and a plethora of decadent designers in a month long holiday event.

"For too long the Second Life adult community has been bestowed a less then stellar reputation as the unspoken subject hidden away in skyboxes, ghettos and dimly lit strip clubs. There are no other online venues that offer the degree of sexual expression and creativity which we have often taken for granted here in Second Life" says Serpentine.

"Mesh designs have transformed the landscape of fashion, fetish and furnishings in these communities. I believe that we are at a turning point in the future of Second Life. My hope for this exposition is to bring together adult-centric creators in a collaborative effort
 to showcase their latest salacious offerings, concentrated at one dedicated location, to give residents a sneak perview into the future."

"Stroker's SeXpo" will be presented in a brand new build recently completed specifically for this event. The sim's layout categorizes the shops and displays into four primary classifications; Fashion, Furniture, Fantasy and Farrago. The quadrants are lined along alleys and avenues created with a whimsical steampunk appeal. Stroker has called upon his ten years of event planning and execution to provide a environment that is sure to please the most critical among us.

Some of the activities planned during the month long gala are a sim wide hunt entitled "The Panty Raid", several moderated discussion groups, all culminating in a black tie affair entitled "Strokerz Ball". The pinnacle of scheduled events is the charity auction of exclusive items generously provided. One hundred percent of this auction's proceeds will be presented to "The Children's Miracle Network" in the
 name of the Second Life Adult Content Community.

As an added yuletide festivity, four Christmas trees have been placed along the main thoroughfare where free gifts have been graciously donated by Adult Content Creators to put some spark in your holiday spirit. 

We hope that you can find time in your busy holiday schedule to attend and show your support for the Second Life Adult Content Community. The event will be Second Life's first clothing optional fair, so no need to worry about coordinating the perfect outfit, CUM as you are!


Wednesday Dec 25 - Merry Christmas!

Friday Dec. 27 @ 8pm-11pm SLT - Stroker's Infamous Nakie Friday

Saturday Dec. 28 @ 6pm-10pm SLT - Naughty Auction - All proceeds to benefit Children's Miracle Network

Wednesday Jan. 1 - Happy New Year!

Saturday Jan. 4 - Sim wide "Panty Raid" Hunt

Wednesday Jan. 8 @ 10am-12pm SLT BDSM Munch Brunch

Saturday Jan. 11 @ 9am-11am SLT Explore Gore

Wednesday Jan 15 @ 8pm-12am SLT Strokerz Ball

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