Tuesday, November 26, 2013

BUSTed is looking for writers, photographers and fashion models


Looking for writers, photographers and fashion models.

As you maybe are aware I will be taking over as Editor in Chief of Busted Magazine on the 1st of December alongside my partners Tara and Colleen.

We are looking for people interested in the opportunity to being guest photographers, either in our fashion or glamor articles. Your work should be to a high standard and both original and inventive.

Do you enjoy writing, exploring, fashion, events, shopping, blogging and making new friends.  Busted is also looking for new writers to contribute articles both Fiction and none fiction, this could be about travel, exploring, new technology and creations, product reviews, new, sims or groups, anything you think would be interesting to our readers. For more details please send myself, Rachel Swallows (Elenamicheals Core) or Colleen Criss, a notecard with links to your latest work, flikr, blog or other.

We are also recruiting a team of Fashion Models, this would not be for the regular glamour photospreads, but for our Designer of the Month and fashion spread articles. For more information about this opportunity, please drop a notecard with your name (avatar and display name), age and a full body and head shot, in the mail box at Pink Sugahs main store and our fashion editor Tara Asamoah will get back to you shortly.

Please note that applying to be a Busted Glamour model still requires you to fill out an application form and going on the waiting list. 

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