Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kai Barineaux @ Orchid Theatre

Burlesque is just extremely hot ! I love looking at old movies etc of famous burlesque divas such as, Josephine Baker,  Ernest Hemingway allegedly called her “the most sensational woman anyone ever saw”! Gypsy Rose Lee, movies and musicals have been written about this iconic figure’s life. Blaze Starr, Starr was certainly one of the most beautiful women to ever hit the scene. Jennie Lee “The Bazoom Girl”: an incredible bust line that seemed to defy the laws of nature cemented this curvy blonde’s status as a sex symbol for the ages. Sensual, sexy and fun but never vulgar.

The girls at Orchids work hard to bring that kind of show to you Second Life and I have to say I'm impressed each and every time I go to watch!

Kai Barineaux is one of my dearest and sweetest friends, she's so hot she will melt your makeup ladies and your men will just toss their wallets on the stage!! She is not only a famous second life pornstar but she is also one of second lifes top burlesque divas . Her fan base is huge and there is no secret why!

Do yourself a favor and go over and catch a show soon. Sundays @ 4PM SLT at Orchids Theatre. 

Pornstars Walk of Fame !

Have you been over to see it? It's filled with some of SL Porns best of the best names!! Contributors in both awesome erotic photos as well as some damn sexy videos!

I think it was really awesome of Serenity & Arwen Juneberry as well as Emmanuelle to put this together and I'm looking forward to seeing more stars appear there!

I also want to thank them for considering me worthy of appearing there with names of Stars I have long looked up to for their awesome creativity. I've been inspired by them all. This is really all possible because of my partner, he has been my biggest fan and most driving force!

Go have look at the walk ! 

Check out these awesome posts and photos from some of the stars there as well!

Hoobs Hotties

Kai Baby !

Serenity & Arwen ! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Seducing Dom

Her skin smells so beautiful.
This woman's a thrill and I'm so curious, but I already know.
She's a man-killer, pulling me in
and I'm losing my mind.
She's got a sex appeal beyond imagination
And she knows how to use it to get what she wants

Using her body and emotion
and she's using it well, using it well.
She makes me want to want her,
want to want her, want to want her
She's pulling me in, pulling me in
Want to want her, want to want her.
Pulling me in, pulling me in
using the art of seduction.

Pulling me in, pulling me in
using the art of seduction.
Watching the way she moves,
She gets me in the mood,
Makes me feel hot inside,
Baby, just let me ride.
I like the things you do,
So why don't you do them to me?
You got me going crazy
Baby, baby, baby.

Monday, September 24, 2012

His Invitation .....

was for a photo shoot with me. I had seen his work, visited his gallery and I was impressed. Of course, I said yes! He had the most wonderful bath filled with flowers, the fire was warming and the music was sensual.

So was he. He was charming, professional ,he charmed and relaxed me and I was putty in his hands and oh so so naughty !

He wrapped me in his arms, bathed me in his light and whispered softly across my flesh.

Possessed me, used me , dominating all of my senses.

Moments of calm, moments of lust .

It ended all too soon !

I'm so looking forward to our next shoot!

If you do not know Graham or have not seen his work ......find him here:

Graham Collinson



EAST Galleries of Art

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Boobies Show !!

Hello Boobies Girlies,
The event Boobies Show is ,beginning today and open for 1 month , the event runs to the 16th October! And re-opens on the 19th October for the Boobies Show Part 2.
You can see all informations on the group vip, so join this group.
Here : secondlife:///app/group/a8441084-352f-ce9a-d11d-e66ea229f6fb/about
The Landmark ->
There are a lot of great designers : T-Whore, Suicidal Unborn, Milk, Punture, Glue Ink, [e] Boobs, Mes Sucreries, Twins Fashion, Fashion Victim, Utopiah, Holli Pocket, Panda Express, Bazinga, Fameless, Patchwork, Sexy things, Fuck’n'Hawt, Titz, and more..
A biiig thanks for this awesome designer to join me for this first round!!! <3
I’m really happy to see a first event for only prims boobies! So girlie’s, good shopping! <3

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brains & Boobs: Colleen Photographs Debbie

I was very pleased and excited to see this post from Pixie Rain, one of those people I have admired since I 1st found her work in the Adult  and Art scenes in Second Life. One of the things I respect most is that she combines the 2 worlds quite nicely and shares her visions .

Meeting Debbie was another hi-light for my Second Life, shes fun, warm and talented. She is a strong and definite persona . I love her vision for her avatar, all business and lady with a touch of wild side! She's had a long and very productive Second Life and she enjoys it and it shows in the 1st 5 minutes of conversation that she is just an awesome person.

These are the things that keep me coming back to Second Life day after days these 5 years. Creativity and the opportunity to meet truly fabulous people along the way.

Thank you Pixie, for all you do and for introducing me to another truly wonderful person !

Please read the entire article on Pixie's Blog !

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School with BUSTed Magazine

SEP 1 2012
Busted September 2012 Issue

We're celebrating the Back to School specials with this latest issue of  Busted Magazine.

In this issue, cover model Jewel Voix gets a little naughty after class.

Colleen Criss shows up to school in her best school uniform. (Page 56 thru 63)

Sisters Nikki and Nya goof off around the campus.

And teacher Miss Johanna Summerwind gives a personal lesson in Sex Ed class.

Whimsy Closet owners, Cindy Melgund and Whimsy Warrhol, explain about the Golden Ratio is body shapes.

Another fashion article in this month's Tops & Bottoms from Zarah Undercroft.

And columns from Melissa Yeuxdoux and MistyWraine.

Busted Magazine is FREE and available at all Busted Kiosks.

Also available at

Take a look at the Around the Community section for a client photos I did of Debbie Trilling. (Page 104 )