Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back to School with BUSTed Magazine

SEP 1 2012
Busted September 2012 Issue

We're celebrating the Back to School specials with this latest issue of  Busted Magazine.

In this issue, cover model Jewel Voix gets a little naughty after class.

Colleen Criss shows up to school in her best school uniform. (Page 56 thru 63)

Sisters Nikki and Nya goof off around the campus.

And teacher Miss Johanna Summerwind gives a personal lesson in Sex Ed class.

Whimsy Closet owners, Cindy Melgund and Whimsy Warrhol, explain about the Golden Ratio is body shapes.

Another fashion article in this month's Tops & Bottoms from Zarah Undercroft.

And columns from Melissa Yeuxdoux and MistyWraine.

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Take a look at the Around the Community section for a client photos I did of Debbie Trilling. (Page 104 )

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